The Ultimate Benro GH2 Gimbal Head Review

Benro Aluminum 2 Series Gimbal Head (GH2)

So for today’s article, we are actually going to be going in a slightly different direction than usual and instead of focusing on a traditional motorized gimbal or manual stabilizer, we will be taking a look at what we consider to be one of the best gimbal heads for photography on the market right now, the Benro GH2. Although this is not the regular type of gimbal that we cover in our articles, we have noticed a steadily increasing number of people reaching out each month about a dedicated Benro GH2 gimbal head review so decided to publish this article.

Our hope is that our review will be able to help any of our readers who are considering adding the Benro GH2 to their collection of camera accessories as it really is a great bit of kit. It can quickly and easily improve the image quality that you are able to capture in various photography situations and is particularly popular in both the wildlife and bird photography niches. If the increasing number of people we are seeing each month reaching out about the Benro GH2 is anything to go by, we can only imagine that the tripod head will continue to become more and more popular as the months pass by too.

Due to being one of the best tripod gimbal heads on the market right now, the Benro GH2 has earned an absolute ton of independent reviews from third-party photographers who use the tripod head as their go to choice for their photography sessions. Those reviews offer a great insight into how the head performs from people who have used it for an extended period of time and have really put the unit through its paces.

Performance And Functionality

Benro Aluminum 2 Series Gimbal Head (GH2)
As the Benro GH2 has been designed for use with photographers and videographers using heavy telephoto zoom lenses, it has a massive maximum load capacity that has a range of 50-66 pounds depending on the actual variant of the tripod head you purchase. This ensures that the head is able to support even the heaviest camera payload setups while still providing you with its excellent image stabilization.

Additionally, the Benro GH2 ensures that you have a full range of motion when in use too even if you are using a long, fully extended camera lens to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily adjust your position to record whats required. As we would imagine the majority of people who are considering purchasing the Benro GH2 will be experienced wildlife or bird photographer, you will know how you are able to totally miss an opportunity due to a split second delay in your gear.

The GH2 offers you a full and uninterrupted 360-degree rotation around the tripod with fully supported image stabilization. Additionally, the head also provides you with quick and easy tilt functionality that you can activate within seconds. This allows you to do from a stable recording position to having full control over the direction of your camera rig within seconds to rapidly respond to animals or birds moving around in their natural habitat.

Now, one of the most common comments that we see from both the photography and videography community regarding the Benro GH2 is about its price being around half the price of competing gimbal heads like the Wimberley WH-200. Many people instantly think that this means the performance of the GH2 will not be able to compete with the quality of competing products such as the WH200 but if you read some of the independent reviews of the GH2 you will see multiple experienced photographers confirming this is not the case.

Although the Benro GH2 is a fair bit cheaper than some of the competing professional-level tripod gimbal heads on the market, it can hold its own in the performance and functionality department and help you capture the best possible image quality during use. The main reason for the huge difference in price tends to be the materials used in for the build of the head and the Benro GH2 is a fair bit heavier than the Wimberley.

All in all, when it comes to the performance of this great little gimbal head, there is no denying that Benro has done an excellent job and absolutely smashed it out the park. They match the performance of gimbal heads that retail at much higher price points with ease while allowing you to save a fair amount of money that you can put to use in other areas.

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User Interface And Control System

Benro Aluminum 2 Series Gimbal Head (GH2)
Now, we would expect the vast majority of people who are looking to add the Benro GH2 gimbal head to their camera accessories to be experienced photographers or videographers. That said though, the unit has been designed to be as easy to use as possible so even someone brand new to photography will be able to get to grips with this gimbal head right out the box.

You are able to quickly and easily adjust the head to ensure that your particular camera rig remains balanced during use. The clear and accurate measurement markings on all adjustable parts of the head also ensure that you can adjust the head with confidence to ensure that you are getting optimal performance for the best possible image quality at all times too.

This ensures that you are able to head out and quickly and easily adjust the Benro GH2 to meet the ever-changing needs of your session to ensure you are getting the best possible photographs or video footage for your clients. If you use multiple camera rigs during your sessions then you are able to quickly hot-swap between your rigs and adjust the GH2 within seconds to work optimally with your secondary camera rig.

We have seen a number of competing brands try to implement new and confusing control systems for their gimbal heads and to date, the vast majority of them have failed. We are big fans of the whole if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it philosophy and Benro have stuck with the standard, tried and tested control system that has stood the test of time.

Build Quality And Design

Benro Aluminum 2 Series Gimbal Head (GH2)
In this day and age, the vast majority of gimbal heads on the market follow the exact same design due to it ensuring that the system is as easy to use as possible while also offering the best image stabilization and performance possible to the user. As we touched on in the previous section, a few brands have toyed with trying to innovate the design over the last few years but to date, none have taken off.

When it comes to build quality, the Benro GH2 is solid and offers a robust camera accessory that does exactly what it says on the tin while offering similar levels of performance to gimbal heads with double its price tag. As we mentioned earlier in the article though, Benro is using heavier materials for the build of the GH2 and this is how they are able to retail it at such a low price point while offering excellent performance. If you need this level of performance in a lightweight product then the Wimberley WH-200 is probably your best option but keep in mind, you will have to pay for the weight reduction.

Two things that we love about the Benro GH2 that sets is apart from the majority of compeating tripod gimbal heads at this price point in the market is the fact that it comes with an accurate bubble level as well as the Arca Swiss quick release plate system. Although bubble levels are commonplace these days, some of them are not accurate and can be a pain to read, especially once your camera rig is actually mounted to the tripod head. This is not an issue with the Benro GH2 and you can clearly see the bubble level even with large and bulky camera rigs mounted to the camera.

Although many people are still using variations of the Manfrotto quick release plate system, we personally feel that the Arca Swiss clamp system is the way forward and more and more brands are moving over to it. Although personal preference is going to play a role in this one, we feel that Benro made the right call by going with the Arca Swiss design over the Manfrotto design.


Question – What is the diameter of the Benro GH2 base plate?

Answer – The base plate is 2 3/8th inches.

Question – Is the Benro GH2 made in the USA?

Answer – No, the GH2 and all of its variants are made in China.

Question – Is the Benro GH2 made from Carbon Fiber?

Answer – No, the regular Benro GH2 is made from aluminum but the Benro GH2C is made from Carbon Fiber.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Benro GH2 gimbal head review and as you may be able to tell, we are big fans of the GH2 and feel that Benro has done an excellent job with putting out a tripod gimbal head that offers excellent performance for the lowest possible price tag. We are confident that the GH2 will make a great addition to your camera accessories and help ensure that you are able to capture the absolute best image quality possible during your sessions. The image stabilization and ease of use of the tripod really can make the difference during your sessions and it is not surprising that the unit is as popular within the community as it is.

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