The Best DJI Osmo Counterweight On The Market!

The DJI Osmo is becoming more and more popular within the community and has managed to earn a solid amount of the market share since its release. We fully expect its growth rate to continue due to the excellent performance and build quality that the Osmo offers. At the time of writing, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 has just been released onto the market and as usual, we have seen a number of people reaching out about what the best DJI Osmo counterweights on the market are.

In our opinion, the Moment counterweights are still the best option on the market and we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon. We feel that they have the best build quality, are easiest to use, and their mount allows them to perform flawlessly. They will make a great addition to your camera accessories and allow you to balance your DJI Osmo Mobile with heavy, long, or accessories smartphones without issue.

In addition to the DJI Osmo range, the counterweights are also fully compatible with the smartphone and action camera gimbal range from Zhiyun and Evo and although other brands like Moza and Feiyutech are not officially supported, they will also work with some gimbals from their range. This ensures that if you do upgrade your gimbal in a few years to a competing brand then your counterweights should work with your new gimbal in addition to your DJI Osmo.

Since their release onto the market, the Moment counterweights have managed to earn a solid reputation within the community that is steadily growing. Although they were initially released as a way to offset the additional weight of any Moment smartphone lenses mounted to your smartphone, the community have started to use them to meet their other gimbal balancing needs too.

Performance And Functionality

Moment Universal Gimbal Counterweight for Evo and Zhiyun Gimbals
As you would expect from a brand like Moment, their counterweight system has meticulously ben planned out to ensure that the performance and functionality that it provides the user is absolutely flawless. Although this simple gimbal accessory may not seem like much, Moment pride themselves on ensuring that all products that they produce have been both designed and built to the highest possible standards and it really shows.

The Moment counterweight has a fully adjustable design that allows you to quickly and easily change the payload of the counterweight to meet your needs. Now, this is pretty commonplace in this day and age but the main advantage of the Moment system over the competition is that the counterweights are quick and easy to adjust. Their reinforced threading also ensures that there is no risk of cross-threading your weights when mounting them and getting them jammed on the actual mounting bracket.

We have lost count of the number of reports that we have seen where a user has accidentally cross-threaded a competing brand’s counterweight system resulting in their weights actually being stuck on the mount. Depending on what you are planning to use your counterweight system for, this can render it totally useless and massively restrict its functionality at best but with the moment reinforced threads, this is not an issue.

The counterweights fully support 60g, 90g, and 120g counterweight configuration ensuring that they can cover any situation you may need to help balance your device to your DJI Osmo Mobile with ease. As we mentioned, they were initially designed to allow you to counterweight the official Moment smartphone lens collection and balance your gimbal but they have a number of popular uses. One of the main ones we see is to help offset the weight of smartphone cases that allow you to store credit cards in them.

The video above offers an excellent overview of the Moment counterweights in action and shows how effective they can actually be. They are able to easily balance your DJI Osmo Mobile to ensure you get optimal image stabilization allowing you to capture the best possible image quality with your smartphone. If you are recording your video footage for something like a YouTube channel or some social media profiles then this really can be a great way to to improve your image quality so your content stands out from the competition.

The vast majority of smartphone gimbals including the DJI Osmo Mobile range have a load capacity high enough to support the vast majority of popular smartphones with the full 120g counterweight configuration too. This ensures that no matter what device you are using or what camera accessories you have mounted to it, your gimbal should easily be able to take the payload even with the maximum counterweight payload added in.

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User Interface And Control System

Moment Universal Gimbal Counterweight for Evo and Zhiyun Gimbals
As we touched on earlier in the article, the interface on the Moment counterweights has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. This means that anyone can add them to their camera accessories and use them efficiently without issue. Simply mount your device to your DJI Osmo as you would normally, attach the counterweight mounting bracket, and then adjust the counterweight configuration as required to perfectly balance your gimbal. The user manual that comes with the weights has a very easy to follow guide on how to do this but we doubt you will need it as the system is extremely simple yet effective.

Once your gimbal has been balanced you simply turn it on and go about capturing all the video footage that you require as you normally would. If you are using the counterweight system on your Osmo Mobile due to using one of the Moment smartphone lenses on your smartphone then you will likely notice a vast improvement to the image quality that your smartphone is able to capture right away.

If for whatever reason you need to adjust the counterweight during your session, you simply screw or unscrew the weights as required from the mounting bracket and adjust the system as required. If you are using different smartphones for different types of footage where each device has a different payload weight then this allows you to quickly and easily ensure your gimbal can be rebalanced for each device quickly without having to waste time.

Independent Overview

The video above is an independent overview explaining how the Moment counterweights work and shares and external opinion on the system. If you have a few minutes spare then we feel that the video is well worth watching and offers a solid overview of the weights.

Our Verdict

That brings our article on what we feel is the best DJI Osmo counterweight to an end, we know that it is short and sweet when compared to our other reviews but in reality, there really is not much to say on the subject. In our opinion, the Moment counterweights absolutely blow the competition out the water and it is not surpinding to us that they have so many excellent reviews from the community. If you need to add some counterweight to your smartphone to balance your DJI Osmo Mobile then the Moment system is definatley the way to go.