How To Charge DJI Osmo Gimbals!

[the_ad id=”20″]For today’s article, we are going to be going over how to charge DJI Osmo gimbals when they start to run low on power as well as share a simple tip that you can implement to charge your Osmo wherever you are as well as help to extend your battery life. Now, there are a few different variations of the DJI Osmo on the market these days with battery life tending to range from around 1 hour up to around 4 hours depending on what version of the gimbal you have purchased.

When the Osmo starts to run low on battery it will give you a warning with a steady blinking red light on the handle of the gimbal. If possible it is recommended that you try to charge the gimbal as soon as the red light starts flashing as this will help prevent the risk of the gimbal running dry mid-session and preventing you from being able to capture all the footage that you want.

If you are in the middle of something and you want to keep recording then you are able to use the DJI smartphone app to check exactly how much power your Osmo has left before it will shut down. As the app is free, we would highly recommend that you download it to your phone if possible. It can come in handy for times like these when you are not sure how much battery life your Osmo has but it is indicating that it has a low battery.

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Charging An Osmo With A Removable Battery

So, now that you have decided that you are going to charge your DJI Osmo you have to remove the actual battery from the gimbal. To do this, flip the base cover at the bottom of the handle open and remove the battery unit as shown in the image above. Remove the battery and place your battery into the battery charging unit that comes with your purchase of the Osmo.

Although some of the first generation chargers do not have the green LED indicator on the charge to let you know that your battery is charging, all of the other variants do. Once your battery has been firmly inserted into the charging unit, plug the charger into a mains power outlet and the LED indicator on the charger should start to flash green.

Depending on the version of the DJI Osmo that you own, it could take up to three hours for the battery unit to fully charge so there’s not much else that you can do at this stage other than wait while your battery recharges. Once the Green LED indicator on the charging unit stops blinking and stays illuminated you know that your battery unit is now fully charged.

At this stage, you are able to put the battery unit back into your DJI Osmo and you should be good to go with a nice new fresh fully charged battery.

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Charging An Osmo With A Direct Charger

Some of the Osmo variants on the market these days allow you to charge the gimbal directly via a plug-in charging cable. Now, a commonly reported fault this these gimbals when it comes to charging is shown in the image above and it is actually not a fault with the gimbal at all, it is down to user error.

The image on the left shows the natural seating position of the charger when you try to plug it into your Osmo. Although this does feel like the cable has been inserted correctly as you will encounter some resistance at this point, it is not fully inserted and will not charge your gimbal. If you look at where the red arrow is pointing you can see a small amount of metal of the charging jack.

Now, if you look at the image to the right, the charging cable has been fully inserted to the Osmo and there is no metal visible. This is when the cable will start to charge your gimbal so ensure you are always fully inserting the cable into the gimbal unit to avoid this problem. Once the charging cable has been inserted correctly, the gimbal can take up to three hours to fully charges so again, there’s not much else you are able to do other than wait.

Charging Your DJI Osmo Anywhere

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At the time of writing, most of the DJI Osmo units on the market can easily be charged on the go by using a power bank. This will depend on the version of the Osmo that you have as you usually have to have some sort of USB connector device to ensure that you are able jack your charger into the power bank but the more modern Osmo units can do this without issue.

On top of this, some power banks also come with a number of additional charging heads and an adaptor to allow you to turn the USB cable that comes with your power bank into a connector that will charge your Osmo for you. Investing in a power bank can be a great way to not only extend the battery life of your Osmo by always having a power source to charge it with you but it also ensures that you are able to charge your Osmo when you do not have access to a power outlet too.

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