4 Zhiyun Smooth Q Accessories To Get Better Footage!

[the_ad id=”20″]In this post, we are going to be taking a look at four popular accessories for the Zhiyun Smooth Q that have not only managed to earn a solid reputation for themselves amongst the gimbal community but have also managed to stand the test of time. The Smooth Q is a very popular gimbal unit that many people use as their primary source of image stabilization to help improve their video quality.

Due to having such a large core userbase, it is no surprise that we constantly see so many people reaching out for advice on the gimbal, especially people reaching out to ask what accessories they are able to add to their collection to help get better footage out of the gimbal.

Thankfully, we are hear to help and although all four of these accessories can be great additions to your Zhiyun Smooth Q, there is no need to purchase all of them. Our advice would be to just skim the article and look at what you feel will provide you with the most benefit if you implement them into your collection of gimbal accessories.

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Wireless Remote Control

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The trusty wireless remote control is a great addition to add to your gimble accessories and although you probably won’t be picking up a dual handle grip for a gimbal as light as the Zhiyun Smooth Q, having some wireless control over your gimbal can help in a number of situations.

Say you are out an about on a day trip and are wanting to use your gimbal to mount your smartphone to capture a selfie. The wireless remote control allows you to take control of your gimbal while it is set in the optimal location for the photography while you are standing in frame. There are a number of different uses for this popular little accessory and we are confident that you will constantly be discovering more and more of them as time goes on and you use your gimbal more.

Cold Shoe Mounts Plate

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Now, the usefulness of this next one is going to depend on what you are actually planning on doing with your gimbal but a cold show mounting plate can be a great addition to your Smooth Q accessories. This will essentially allow you to mount additional accessories to the gimbal rig with ease by adding a mounting plate to the gimbal handle.

If you are planning to use your Smooth Q for vlogging or anything where you will be wanting the best possible audio quality, it makes it easy to add a decent external microphone to the gimbal. Another example where a mounting place could come in handy for the Smooth Q is if you know you are going to be recording in low light conditions. It allows you to quickly and easily mount a video light to the panel to improve the image quality you are able to capture when working in poor lighting.

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Mini Tripod Stand

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This one should be a no brainer and is probably the most popular accessory for the Smooth Q but a mini tripod is a great addition to your gimbal accessories. Not only does it provide the gimbal with a stable base for the selfie-style example that we mentioned earlier in the article but you can close the tripod legs and they will act as an extension to the handle of the gimbal.

If you are into your vlogging or amateur videography then there are countless uses for a mini tripod stand attachment for your gimbal and this is why they are so popular within the community. Additionally, they are tiny compared to a traditional tripod while also providing similar levels of functionality depending on what you need your tripod for.

Extension Rod

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The final accessory that we will be recommending for your Zhiyun Smooth Q is an extension rod/selfie stick. As you can probably imagine, these make it very easy to capture selfie-style footage with your gimbal requiring minimal effort from you. Additionally, they are so cheap they make a great budget-friendly accessory that can really help to improve the video footage that you are able to capture with your Zhiyun Smooth Q.

Wrapping Everything Up

That brings our article to a close and we hope that you have found our accessory suggestions for your Smooth Q helpful. All four of the items have proven to be popular amongst people who own the Smooth Q and all of the items we have linked to have great reputations too. Like we said at the start of the article, there is no need to go out and purchase all four of the accessories though if you feel that one of our suggestions is able to help improve your image quality then pick it up and add it to your collection.

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