How To Easily Get Dog POV Gimbal Video Footage!

[the_ad id=”20″]Its no secret that we all love our dogs and with social media platforms becoming more and more popular new ways of sharing photographs and videos of your dog with the world are becoming available all the time. In addition to this, the more popular accounts are even able to earn money for their owners and sometimes, like in the case of the Doug The Pug Instagram account (Over 3 million followers at the time of writing) your dog’s social media account can actually become a full-time income source for you.

Traditional vlogging where people will record themselves and their daily goings-on have been popular for some time now and many channels on sites like YouTube have managed to reach the tens of millions of subscribers mark and earn the vlogger a ton of money. That coupled with the fact that Instagram accounts based around peoples dogs are doing a similar thing, it was only a matter of time before “dog vlogging” became a thing.

An Accidental Start

In June 2018, GoPro released the video above on their YouTube channel that has over 7 million subscribers at the time of writing in an attempt to help them sell their GoPro fetch dog harness (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that they had just released. Although the harness is only designed to allow you to mount your GoPro action camera to your dog, they actually added in the use of their Karma Grip gimbal stabilizer in the video to help and increase the image quality.

With the internet being what it is, it is no surprise that the video of a dog running around a skate park recording its master skateboarding with super smooth video footage quickly ended up viral. It didn’t take long before people were making copy cat videos and the concept of “dog vlogging” was born.

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Why Would You Even Want Dogs Eye View Video Footage

Well, there are actually a surprising number of uses with people coming up with more and more on a regular basis. Some people literally mount their GoPro to their dog and record its day and then upload the highlights on to sites like YouTube as seen in the video above. This is dog vlogging in its purest form and essentially duplicates what many people do when they vlog. Some dog vlogging channels are actually taking off too and managing to get close to breaking the 100,000 subscriber mark at the time of writing.

In addition to this though, many people are wanting to record dogs eye view footage to show off what their dogs are actually capable of. Some smaller channels on YouTube mount their herding dog up with a GoPro and then take it out to herd sheep and record how skilled their dogs are. Those who enter these working dogs in competitions to see whose dog is able to herd the sheep the quickest often record the competitions from their dog’s point of view via a GoPro.

Additionally, companies who train close protection dogs also often use dogs eye view video footage in their sales videos to show how quickly a dog is able to check your home for a potential intruder or to show how quickly the dog is able to go from playing with the family children to countering a potential threat.

What Do I Need To Capture My Own Footage

Well, depending on the equipment that you already own, trying your hand or more aptly, your dogs paw at dog vlogging can require some investment. If you are a fan of action sports, you may already have the key equipment but at the time of writing, this is the easiest rig to capture dogs eye view footage:-

Many members of the action sports community will already own a GoPro and a number of those will also already own a Karma Grip gimbal too so the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is potentially the only new thing that you will have to purchase. As all of the items are from the official GoPro range, they all fit together perfectly and there are no problems setting the rig up and getting your dog ready to go on their first dog vlog.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official GoPro Mount
Once you have the harness mounted on your dog, it will likely look a little something like the image above although hopefully, your dog will look a little more enthusiastic about its new upcoming adventure. The harness provides you a quick, easy, and most importantly, comfortable method of mounting your Karma Grip to your dog. In turn, the Karma Grip provides all the image stabilization that your GoPro will require as your dog runs around and goes about their day. Finally, your GoPro records what your dog is getting up to in high definition video footage with some of the more modern models now supporting full 4K video too.

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Wrapping It Up

What you and your dog actually get up to when you are out and about dog vlogging is only limited by your imagination and you never know, you may end up recording the next viral clip that the internet will fall in love with. We hope that you have found our article helpful wish you all success in the future while out and about on your dog vlogging adventures.