5 GoPro Karma Grip Accessories To Improve Your Action Footage!

[the_ad id=”20″]For this article, we are going to be going over what we feel are five of the best GoPro Karma Grip accessories currently available on the market right now. Although the karma grip is an excellent bit of it that performs really well as a stand-alone gimbal unit, there are a few things that some choice accessories are able to enhance when it comes to its performance.

Most of these accessories are from the official GoPro range and have the same build quality that you would expect from an official GoPro product. The remaining products are from third-party manufacturers who have a reputation for producing high-quality accessories. Additionally, all of the accessories that we will be recommending to our readers in this post have great reputations within the Karma Grip owning community.

One quick thing that we would like to say before we get started with the article is that we are not saying all five of these items are essential! Depending on what you are planning to record with your GoPro and how you plan to integrate your Karma Grip some of these may be totally useless for you. Simply check the article out and pick up anything that you feel can help improve your image quality.

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Extension Cable

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The first accessory that we are going to recommend for the GoPro Karma Grip and probably the most commonly used accessory is the official GoPro extension cable. Depending on what you use your GoPro and your Karma Grip for, this can be an essential bit of kit. It allows you to mount the actual Karma head anywhere you want while still connecting it to the actual grip so you have control.

If you are involved in something like Snowboarding and want to mount the Karma head of the gimbal to your backpack strap or helmet then you can. You can then keep the grip in your picket connected to the head via the extension cable so you can get control of it and adjust the head of the gimbal as required.

There are a massive number of ways that you are able to implement the extension cable into your setup and this is why it has such a great reputation amongst Karma Grip owners. We would always recommend the official extension cable as some of the third party ones have been known to cause issues after use.

Mounting Ring

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Next up we have another official GoPro accessory that is very popular within the community and that’s the Karma Grip Mounting Ring. Although there are a few other ways that you are able to mount your Karma Grip during use, the mounting ring ensures that you are able to pretty much mount it on anything you can think of.

It simply attaches between the grip and head of the Karma Grip and then allows you to secure the gimbal to your clothing and a number of other things as required. This is a great bit of kit as it frees up your hands while still ensuring that your footage has the great image stabilization that the Karma Grip provides.

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Video Light

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Although this next one is technically not an accessory for your Karma Grip but rather the actual GoPro, we would highly recommend that you pick up a suitable video light for your rig. Now, you have to keep in mind that they are not all compatible with the same set of GoPro cameras so you will have to double-check before making a purchase!

The usefulness of this accessory will also depend on what you are planning to get up to with your Karma Grip too. There are a large number of action and adventure sports that are either done in total darkness like caving or done in poor lighting conditions. Additionally, many sub-surface water sports can have problems with variable lighting conditions due to the effect of waves crashing above them.

A lighting rig ensures that you always have access to a light source to help improve your image quality in low light or dark conditions. There are plenty of suitable video lights on the market these days and many of them are also waterproof. The best part is, most of them are cheap and are between the $20-$30 price point too!

Wrist Strap

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Next up we have the wrist strap and we can hear our readers taking a deep breath right now but they are a great bit of kit for such a low price. You can easily have over $500 worth of gear in your hand when you take into account the cost of the Karma Grip and your GoPro camera so why not add an additional layer of protection for it?

If you are going to be doing any action sports like skateboarding where you may have your Karma Grip in your hand while having a high chance of dropping it during jumps, the wrist strap is a no brainer. It can potentially save over $500 worth of gear falling to the floor and breaking while only costing you around $10.

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Weather Resistant Case

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The final accessory that we would recommend that you pick up, especially if you are going to be using your Karma Grip around water is a Weather Resistant Case. Now, this is water-resistant, not waterproof so don’t rely on it helping much if it gets submerged but people often carry thinks like spare batteries or SD cards with them in their cases. As many action sports involve water, if a regular case gets wet then your spare batteries or memory card can be damaged.

A water-resistant case for your Karma Grip helps to reduce the chance of this. In the age of super high definition and 4K video footage, the SD cards alone can be around $100 so picking up a cheap water resistance case can be a great addition to your Karma Grip accessories.

Wrapping it All Up

That concludes our article on the best accessories for GoPro Karma Grips and we hope that you have found it helpful. As we said at the start of the article, depending on what you are planning to get up to with your Karma Grip, some of these suggestions could be totally useless whereas others can be essential bits of kit. Choose the ones that you think offer you a benefit and add them to your collection of accessories and enjoy making your videos with your Karma Grip.