The Best GoPro Dog Harness On The Market!

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official GoPro Mount

Today we are going to be going over what we feel are the best GoPro dog harness currently available on the market. Over the last six month or so, the concept of dog vlogging has exploded in popularity with more and more people looking to start uploading video footage of what their dog gets up to on a daily basis. Some of these channels are quickly approaching the 100,000 subscriber mark on sites like YouTube and some of them are starting to earn the dogs owner some nice income.

Now, what you may not know is that this all started from some viral advertising from GoPro to promote the release of their GoPro Fetch that ended up getting millions of views on YouTube and shared on various social media platforms countless times. The original video that GoPro made is embedded below and this is essentially what started the whole concept of dog vlogging.

Now, we just want to point out that although the GoPro Fetch is a great bit of kit, the dog in the video above is also wearing the GoPro Karma Grip that provides some excellent image stabilization for the footage. That said though, if you are using the GoPro Hero 7 Black or later, the built-in image stabilization technology really is excellent on the camera anyway.

GoPro Fetch

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Now, it should be no surprise that our number one recommendation for a GoPro dog harness is the official GoPro Fetch that is used in the video above that started this whole craze. Coming from the world-renowned GoPro brand, it should be no surprise to you that all the quality and care possible has been taken to ensure that your dog is as safe as possible with the harness mounted to them.

We would always recommend the official GoPro fetch is possible over the cheaper copy cat harnesses above as GoPro put months of planning into the fetch, the brands below tried to release theirs as quickly as possible to cash in on the craze. Additionally, the GoPro fetch has the best reputation within the community when it comes to doggy GoPro harnesses.

The video above is a great representation of what you can expect from the GoPro Fetch if you decided to pick it up and it is a video made by an amateur rather than a professional production company like the first video. As you can see, the dog is happy enough to go about its daily business with the harness on and the video footage is clear and accurately shows what the dog is getting up to.

The design of the Fetch really is great and it comes with two mounting locations for your GoPro as standard too with one on the chest and one on the back. Additionally, you are also able to mount the GoPro Karma Grip to the Fetch too allowing you to capture some very smooth video footage when your dog starts running around.

The harness is also built really well and will work perfectly for any dog between seven and fifty-four kilograms. If your dog is smaller than this then you are able to fully detach the main chest mount harness to get the Fetch to fit smaller dogs but then you can only mount your GoPro to the back of your dog.

GoPro has also taken the care to add additional padding to the harness to friction prone parts of the harness. This ensures that your dog is as comfortable as possible when it has the harness mounted to it no matter what it’s getting up to. The actual GoPro mounts on the harness also have quick release plates to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily mount and unmount your GoPro camera from the harness when required without wasting time.

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Kurgo Dog Harness with Camera Mount

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Next up, we have what we feel is the best alternative to the official GoPro harness, the Kurgo Dog Harness that is probably the best budget GoPro dog harness on the market right now that has the largest customer base outside of the official GoPro Fetch. Kurgo has pretty much tried to duplicate the official harness while also putting their own twist on it. That said, since its release on to the market, the Kurgo harness has earned a decent reputation with the community.

The Kurgo harness allows you to mount your camera to your dog’s chest or back as required. Additionally, the harness supports five different adjustment points so you are able to customize it to ensure that it mounts to your dog as comfortable as possible. Although this Kurgo harness also has quick release plates on it, they are made of plastic and are a little flimsy meaning they could easily break if used on a regular basis.

SmilePowo GoPro Dog Harness

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Next up, we have the SmilePowo harness that is the cheapest harness that we are featuring but in all honesty, its build quality is pretty low compared to both of the harnesses above. Considering that the Kurgo Dog Harness is only $5 more and offers your dog more comfort during use, we feel that it is a no brainer to take that over the SmilePowo harness.