4 Of The Best GoPro Karma Grip Cases On The Market!

GoPro Karma Grip Case (GoPro Official Accessory)

With the GoPro Karma Grip steadily increasing in popularity as more and more popular add it to their collection of GoPro accessories, we have noticed a steady increase in the number of people reaching out for advice on what GoPro karma grip case they should be looking to pick up. As you will know, a decent case is an essential accessory for your gimbal, especially a gimbal like the Karma Grip that is probably going to be used for extreme sports where your gear can be thrown about a whole bunch.

Unlike some gimbals out there, the Karma Grip has a decent number of protective cases available and we are going to take a look at four of them that all have their own unique little niche. We feel that setting the article out this way where our readers will be able to choose the right case for their particular niche rather than just featuring one case is going to be the best way to do it.

As people use the GoPro and the Karma Grip for a large number of different uses, the perfect case for you could be totally useless for someone else. Additionally, as the GoPro is such a versatile piece of kit, you may see the need for two of these cases to ensure that your Karma Grip gets the absolute best protection available in multiple situations.

The Official GoPro Karma Grip Case

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First up, we have thee official Karma Grip Case from GoPro this is probably the best general-purpose case on the market for your Karma Grip right now and is probably the most popular stand-alone dedicated case for the Karma Grip. It has a custom-molded interior to ensure that your gimbal will fit into the case without issue as well as a tough, water-resistant shell casing to ensure the very best protection for your gimbal while you are out and about.

Now, we just want to clarify, this case is water-resistant, not waterproof! This means that it can protect your Karma Grip from rain or splashes but you can’t take it underwater in a waterbased sport and expect it to protect your gimbal. Although you would think that most people in the extreme sports niche will know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof, we have seen a number of people get these confused so just wanted to be clear.

This case will hold your gimbal in place once placed inside the case with its molded interior preventing it from bouncing around in the case when in transit. There are a few budget cases for the Karma Grip on the market that does not offer this so your gimbal is essentially bouncing around in the case when moving and this could possibly lead to damage.

Since its release, the case has proven popular within the community and it has managed to earn itself a solid reputation that is steadily growing. All in all, a great little case for your Karma Grip that will make a great addition to your gimbal accessories.

The Wasserstein Karma Grip Case

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The next case on our list is our budget GoPro Karma Grip case for any of our readers looking to pick up a decent little case that can help to protect their gimbal. The Wasserstein Case is probably the best cheap case out there at the time of writing and it does come with some foam padding to help keep your Karma Grip in place while in the case. That said, it is not as firm as an actual molded case like the official case above and when it comes to gimbals, we feel it is better to spend the extra $20 for the official GoPro Case to ensure that your gimbal has the best protection available.

That said, we know that some people may need to take a more budget-friendly case for their Karma Grip so we wanted to ensure that we were making out readers aware of the best entry-level case as there are a bunch of low-quality ones out there. Over the years, the Wasserstein case has managed to build up a great reputation for itself over the years within the community though.

The Amazon Basics GoPro Accessory Hardcase

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Now, the next item on our list is the Amazon Basics GoPro Accessory Hardcase and as the name suggests, this is actually a hardcase for your actual GoPro camera and all of your GoPro accessories. This can be an excellent GoPro Karma case if you are wanting a all in one solution for all of your GoPro kit.

Although you do have to be a little creative to get your gimbal to fit in the compartment in the righthand side shown in the image above, it does fit depending on the other accessories that you have in the case. The Amazon Basics case is also extremely popular and has earned thousands of independent reviews from third party GoPro owners who use it as their go-to case of choice.

The case ensures that all of your GoPro accessories, including your Karma Grip, are safe and secure when out and about. The tough outer shell of the case is easily able to take its fair share of bumps and knocks and the foam pre-cut padding inside the case allows you to seat all of your kit as you see fit. In all honesty, this really is a great little case and is well worth purchasing even if you don’t have the Karma Grip and just want somewhere to keep all of your GoPro accessories safe.

The CamKix Roll Pack

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Now, the final GoPro Karma Grip case that we have chosen to feature is a little niche but if you are involved in any climbing niche or mountain downhill mountain biking niche or any other sport where you will be potentially miles away from where you started, the Cam Kix Roll Pack can be the case for you.

Now, this is not specifically designed for use with the Karma Grip so you have to get a little creative but you can get it in the case along with a bunch of other accessories too. You then roll it up, strap it to your back so it doesn’t take up much space and crack on with your sport of choice as required,

Like we said, this is a niche option and doesn’t really have a massive customer base but those who have picked it up think very highly of it. If you are involved in this type of action sport then this can be an essential accessory for your GoPro kit.

Wrapping It All Up

That concludes our article on what we feel is the best GoPro karma grip case and as we said back at the start, we have tried to select four different suitable cases that each serve their own little niche. We hope that they are able to keep your Karma Grip safe and secure and that you are able to capture as much high-quality video footage with your GoPro on your gimbal as you need.