The Best GoPro Gimbal Chest Mount On The Market!

So a few months back we published our article going over what we feel is the best wearable gimbal on the market and since then, we have seen a number of people reaching out and asking for advice on an actual chest mount for the actual gimbal. Due to this, we have decided to focus today’s article on what we feel is the best GoPro gimbal chest mount currently available on the market. Although there are a surprising number of chest mounts available, many of them seem to be low quality but thankfully, we have settled on a winner that will allow you to mount all of the main wearable gimbals on the market to it with ease.

In our opinion, the Stuntman Chest Mount is without a doubt the best chest mount on the market right now that will allow you to mount your GoPro gimbal to it. All of the main gimbals from Evo, Feiyu, Yi, Slick, and Zhiyun are fully supported and will mount directly to the chest mount without having to purchase any additional accessories. On top of this, it has the best quality that we have been able to find for action camera chest mounts ensuring that it can take the punishment and wear and tear of your action sport of choice.

At the time of writing, the Stuntman chest mount has the largest share of the market and the largest customer base too. Due to this, you can rest assured that plenty of people have put the mount through its paces in pretty much any action sport that you can think of too. The excellent build quality of the chest mount has ensured that it has been able to earn and maintain an absolutely outstanding reputation for itself within the community that shows no signs of fading.

Although a number of compeating brands keep releasing rival chest mounts trying to take market share from Stuntman and their mount, they seem to think they will be able to do it by reducing quality and retailing their mounts for a lower price point than the Stuntman chest mount. They seem to be failing to factor in that the vast majority of people rather spend around $40 on the chest mount to ensure that they’re $200-$350 gimbal and $200-$400 GoPro action camera is safe then spend $20 on a chest mount and put it at risk.

This is why we feel the gimbal chest mount from Stuntman is an excellent camera accessory to add to your collection that is more of an investment rather than a short term purchase. That said though, we will be taking a look at a number of features of the chest mount throughout the rest of the article to go into why we feel it is such an excellent option.

Performance And Functionality

STUNTMAN Chest Mount with Ball Joint for GoPro and Other Action Cameras
Now, one of the main things that makes the Stuntman chest harness ideal for use with wearable GoPro gimbals is the fact that it has a much larger base plate than most compeating chest strap harnesses. This ensures that it is able to allow you to mount an actual gimbal with your GoPro or other action camera mounted to it onto the chest mounts without issue. Many of the compeating mounts on the market right now use a smaller mounting plate due to only being designed to mount your action camera without an actual gimbal stabilizer.

On top of this, the base plate on the harness is made from semi-rigid elastomer to ensure that it is tough enough to last while also being flexible enough to allow you to move unrestricted to meet the needs of your action sport of choice. This small change actually makes a large difference as the main compeating chest mount to the Stuntman mount uses fully rigid plastic and it has so many complaints about it being too restrictive for some action sports.

Although the actual ball joint on the chest mount from Stuntman has been designed for when you are using your action camera directly with the chest mount rather than using a gimbal, it works very well. If you are out on a long session and your gimbal runs out of battery then the ball joint on the chest strap can still ensure that you are able to capture some solid image quality with your GoPro until you get a chance to recharge your gimbal.

The video above offers an excellent example of the levels of image stabilization that you can achieve with the chest strap from Stuntman when you have your GoPro gimbal-mounted to it. As you can see from the clips, it ensures that you are able to capture your adventures perfectly while out and about without having to worry about the gimbal and ensuring that both of your hands are free at all times to do whatever it is your sport requires of them.

Another great feature of the Stuntman chest harness is the fact that it is also fully adjustable too. This ensures that you can tighten or loosen it as required to fit your body shape perfectly and then on top of this if you need additional movement during specific parts of your sport of choice you can easily adjust the harness as required. This is another advantage that the Stuntman mount has over some compeating units due to its ease of adjustment and double strength elastic making it comfortable to wear too.

Now, this will be a useless feature if you always want to use your gimbal with your chest mount but the mount is rated for both fresh and saltwater use. At the time of writing, no wearable gimbal stabilizer is waterproof but as we touched on earlier, if you can mount your GoPro or compeating action camera in their waterproof cases and then mount them to your chest mount they can be used to capture waterbased sports too.

When you take all of this into account, it really is easy to see why the harness is so popular amongst the action sports community who use wearable gimbals. It is particularly popular with mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts but can be used for pretty much every action sport we can think of. There are a large number of independent reviews online for the harness too. Reading some of those offer some great insights into its performance and ability from people who use it in a large number of different action sports on a regular basis.


Now, one of the main things that we see people reaching out and asking about is if mounting your wearable gimbal stabilizer to a chest mount can cause any issues with balancing. Thankfully, this is not an issue as the main wearable gimbals from the premium gimbal brands such as Evo, Feiyu, Yi, Slick, and Zhiyun are extremely easy to balance and their 3 axis gimbal design ensures that mounting them to your chest mount will not cause problems.

On top of this, due to the central positioning of the mounting plate the Evo, Zhiyun, and Feiyu wearable gimbal range are also quick and easy to adjust when mounted to the Stuntman chest mount. This allows you to quickly and easily reposition your action cameras’ direction if needed without having to interrupt your action sport of choice.

Our Verdict

That brings our post going over what we feel is the best GoPro gimbal chest mount to a close. We know that it is a short one compared to what we usually post but in reality, there is only so much you can say about a chest mount for an action camera gimbal due to it being such a simple camera accessory. We really do think that our readers should be seriously considering adding the Stuntman Chest Mount to their camera accessories if they are looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to mount their gimbals to their chest.

That said though, we know that some people will likley still be on the fence so we would highly recommend that you check out some of these reviews that have been posted by third-party action sports enthusiasts. They offer some great insight into the performance of the chest harness for a wide range of sports and really show off how great the chest mount actually is.