3 Ways To Help You Land Your First Paid Macro Videography Gig!

[the_ad id=”20″]Although one of the less popular types of videographer, we have noticed a few people on social media sites asking about how they are able to get involved in the macro videography industry. In all honesty, none of our team have any experience with working as a macro videographer and we only know one person who used to do it before moving over to sports videography.

Due to this, our list for getting your first paid gig in this videography niche is going to be much shorter than the other articles like that that we have published. That said, macro videographer is such a small niche that we would always recommend that you work within multiple niches to support yourself while working towards landing a solid, long term macro videography gig as they are few and far between and very specialist.

Additionally, the majority of camera accessories required by a macro videographer are usually unique to the niche too. This can make it a nightmare to invest in the gear required to work towards getting your very first macro videography gig. Unlike other niches where your lenses and video lights can be used for a number of different things, you end up nailing yourself down with macro videography.

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Shadow A More Established Videographer

Now, macro videographers are few and far between so this could be a difficult one to implement in your strategy. Additionally, the macro niche seems to be very clicky and protective of each other due to there being so little dedicated work available. On the offchance, you live in a large city and there are some macro videography studios near you, try to network with some of the staff there and offer to work for free provided you are able to shadow a more experienced and established videographer when possible.

Not only is this a great way to get some solid experience but you are also to network with your potential future peers to build connections for the future. Additionally, with a little bit of luck, you will also be able to put the groundwork in and get some macro footage for your portfolio so you are able to start working towards applying for paid macro jobs too.

If you prove that you are reliable, can be trusted, and work hard then there is also a chance that you may be offered a long term paid position at the studio too. As many of the larger macro videography studios essentially have a monopoly on all of the larger ticket macro gigs, this is one of the best bets to get your career off the ground.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel


Now, this may sound like common sense but as we mentioned earlier, we know one person who used to work in the macro videography niche doing some pretty high priced gigs and this is actually how he managed to land his very first paid macro gig as an entry-level videographer. He has two hobbies, videography and lego so he decided to merge the two and start his own YouTube channel where he would showcase his talent in both.

Essentially, his videos were based around his lego based creations and then he would use his macro videography skillset to record them with the best image quality possible. The channel grew quite a sizable following pretty quickly before he decided to shut it down. Anyway. his first paying macro client actually saw his channel and ended up coming to him rather than him having to go looking for paid work.

Think of any other hobbies that you have that you are able to blend with your passion for videography and see if you can use it to build a following on social media or YouTube.

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Team Up With Macro Photographers

Macro photographers tend to get a fair bit of work depending on the time of year. Additionally, due to the attention required to get the perfect macro photograph, many of them will purely focus on their photography services and not offer any video gis at all and this is where you can come in.

You essentially team up with an established macro photographer and trade on their good name to help get clients and then you deal with the video work. You pay the photographer a fee for referring the client to you and hopefully, it will end up becoming a long term gig.

Now, you may have to do the first few sessions for free to prove to the photographer that you will actually turn up and that you have the skillset and equipment required to produce some decent macro footage. But before long, you will be able to ask for a fee and start to work your way up.

Not only is this a decent way for you to land your first paid gig but it can also be great for networking and building up your own reputation within the niche. Additionally, you can also get some great portfolio footage when doing these kinds of jobs too!

Wrapping It All Up

As we said earlier in the article, the macro videography niche is very small and clicky so it will be a pain to get into without any connections. Expect to have to invest a whole bunch of time, effort, and money before you are even close to seeing any form of return on your investment.