The Ultimate Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer Review!

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Phone Clamp - Cameras up to 2.1lbs - Compatible with GoPro, Canon, Nikon & Smart Phones (Red)

Welcome to our ultimate Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer review that we are constantly seeing people reach out for due to the Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer really taking off over the last few months due to its low price tag, excellent performance, and ease of use. If you are a hobbyist videography that wants a cheap, quick to learn, and easy to use manual camera stabilizer then the Roxant Pro can be a great option.

Although the Roxant Pro stabilizer has seen steady growth since its release onto the market, its popularity really took off recently after a few popular YouTubers revealed that it is the manual handheld stabilizer that they use for their vlogging image stabilization needs. This resulted in a spike in interest of people purchasing the product as well as those reaching out for information on it.

Additionally, unlike many entry-level, budget-friendly manual stabilizers on the market right now, the Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer has always had a well deserved reputation within the community that just keeps on growing as time goes on. We know that the last few reviews that we have published have been a little critical of the gimbal we have reviewed but we are happy to say the Roxant Pro is a solid bit of kit and can make a great addition to your camera accessories.

Another thing that really helps the Roxant Pro stand out against the entry-level stabilizer competition on the market right now is its tiny size and lightweight. Additionally, it is also very easy to balance making it very user-friendly for the target market of people who may never have previously used an image stabilizer before.

Performance And Functionality

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Phone Clamp - Cameras up to 2.1lbs - Compatible with GoPro, Canon, Nikon & Smart Phones (Red)
When it comes to the performance and functionality of the Roxant Pro, they really have done a solid job of ensuring that it is able to provide a large number of devices with some excellent quality image stabilization. You are able to use lightweight cameras such as smartphones and action cameras on the stabilizer without issue, you can then move up to the point and shoot cameras and lightweight mirrorless cameras too with each device getting solid image stabilization.

Now, one thing that we can pick at with the marketing from Roxant for this product is that they list DSLRs as supported cameras for the device. Now, technically, there are a small number of DSLR cameras on the market right now that even with a lens mounted to the camera can be stabilized by the product. That said though, the vast majority of DSLR cameras are far too heavy for such a small stabilizer and will require something like the DJI Ronin S.

This has been a point of negativity from the community, especially people who use cameras regularly but are not necessarily videographers, cinematographers, or photographers. There are a number of videos on YouTube of people who have purchased the Roxant Pro for their DSLR only for their camera rig to be too heavy.

Now, in all fairness to Roxant, they have made no secret that the maximum load capacity of the stabilizer is 2.1 pounds and it is clearly stated multiple times on the various sales pages prior to ordering the unit. The problem is that many people simply presume the stabilizer will support their camera as it says DSLRs are supported without checking the payload of their camera to ensure that it is less than 2.1 pounds.

At the end of the day, as with many complaints, this is simply down to user error. If you are planning to use a smartphone, action camera or point and shoot camera with the Roxant Pro you will be fine. Many lightweight mirrorless camera rigs will be fine too, just ensure that they are less than 2.1 pounds of weight and a very small number of DSLR setups can work but again, check the payload wright is less than 2.1 pounds.

The various clips shown in the video footage above have all been recorded with a camera mounted to the Roxant Pro. As you can see, the image quality is excellent due to the butter smooth image stabilization that the handheld stabilizer is able to provide for the user. The unique design of the unit ensures that you get less shake and vibration using use too helping push it even further ahead of the competing units on the market.

We have no doubt that a large number of people who are looking to purchase the Roxant Pro will be doing so with a goal to improve the image quality of their footage to help grow their social media profiles or YouTube channel. With these spaces being so competitive, adding something as simple and cheap as the Roxant Pro to your camera accessories can help drastically improve your image quality and help ensure your content stands out from the competition.

If you are in the travel vlogging space or use your camera for something similar, the Roxant Pro is ideal due to its very small size, lightweight, and independence of a battery. So many popular travel-based gimbals and manual stabilizers on the market right now need a battery but if you know that you are going to be traveling around a whole bunch then you may not have access to a wall-based power outlet.

All in all, we feel that Roxant has done an excellent job when it comes to the level of performance and functionality that they have been able to achieve with the Roxant Pro, especially for this low price point in the market. It is not surprising that the stabilizer is as popular within the community as it is and that it has managed to quickly earn the excellent reputation that it enjoys.

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User Interface And Control System

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Phone Clamp - Cameras up to 2.1lbs - Compatible with GoPro, Canon, Nikon & Smart Phones (Red)
As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer has been designed to be as easy to use as possible so anyone, even if you have never actually used a camera stabilizer before, can pick it up and use it without needing to invest much time. Roxant are fully aware that the vast majority of people in their target market for the Roxant Pro won’t care or have the time available to become proficient with a professional level gimbal like the Zhiyun Crane 3 and have done a great job of creating a very simple system that is very efficient.

As the unit is a simple, manual camera stabilizer, there really is nothing overly complex about its interface as it has been designed to do one job and do that job better than all competing stabilizers at its price point. With motorized gimbal stabilizers they have an actual control interface to get the gimbal to do what you require but with manual stabilizers, you essentially have a few screws and dials to balance the unit to get what you need out of it.


Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Phone Clamp - Cameras up to 2.1lbs - Compatible with GoPro, Canon, Nikon & Smart Phones (Red)
Speaking of balancing, the Roxant Pro is extremely easy to balance and requires minimal effort of experience to prep the unit for use. It uses a three separate counterweight to allow you to make precise adjustments as and when required to balance the payload of your camera. Although many competing manual stabilizers do use a very similar system to balance their own stabilizers, there really is very little that brands are able to do when it comes to the balancing system to stand out against the competition.

The system has been refined over the years to make it as quick and easy as possible to try and ensure that anyone is able to balance their stabilizer even if this is the first time they have ever gone through the process. Due to this, all modern systems on this type of stabilizer are all almost identical.

Now, we have previously tried to type out balancing procedures for a number of gimbals in past reviews and the feedback seems to be that typing it up is confusing and difficult to follow. Thankfully, there is a great video that we have embedded below that goes into balancing the Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer that we feel is very easy to follow if you need it.

Build Quality And Design

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Phone Clamp - Cameras up to 2.1lbs - Compatible with GoPro, Canon, Nikon & Smart Phones (Red)
Now, one of the main advantages of the Roxant Pro is its superior design and construction when compared to what the competition are offering in their products for the same price point. Roxant overhauled the basic handheld stabilizer design to help make the image stabilization better than the competition while ensuring that the image quality that you are able to capture is the best you will get for the price.

The design is solid and ensures that you get a shake and vibration-free platform even when walking at a quick pace where compeating manual handheld stabilizers can really drop off in performance. Now, we have seen a few people say that the performance of the Roxant Pro during some action sports is sub-par but this has not been designed for use in fast-paced action sports.

Many people see that it supports GoPro and instantly think that it can be used in a number of action sports where you are getting thrown around a whole bunch. The GoPro action camera range is small, lightweight, and offers excellent image quality so many people use it as their go to vlogging camera and this is what the Roxant Pro excels at. If you know that you are wanting something for action sports then a gimbal like the Hohem iSteady Pro 2 is probably a better option.

Another advantage that the Roxant Pro has over some compeating products is the comfortable grip with no slip technology on the handle. This ensures that your camera and stabilizer are safe during use as many brands seem to skimp on their entry-level units with a basic handle that may easily be accidentally dropped resulting in damage.

The actual build quality of the stabilizer is second to none at this price point and as we mentioned earlier in the article, Roxant has produced a very small, lightweight, and robust stabilizer that is ideal for a number of uses. We feel that it has found such a solid footing in the travel vlogging community due to all of these features and is now building up its customer base in other niches as people realize how good the product actually is.


Question – Can I use action cameras from brands other than GoPro with the Roxant Pro?

Answer – Yes, the vast majority of action camera brands will supply the required mount to attach their action cameras to the stabilizer with ease.

Question – Will the Roxant Pro work with my camera?

Answer – As we mentioned earlier in the article in the performance and functionality section, provided the total payload of your camera setup comes in under the 2.1 maximum load capacity of the stabilizer, you should be fine. There are too many variables to give a definitive answer though.

Question – Is the Roxant Pro waterproof?

Answer – We see this asked but what people often mean is can the Roxant Pro stabilize an action camera underwater and the answer to both no.

Our Verdict

That brings our Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer review to an end and as you can probably tell, we are big fans of this great little budget-friendly, entry-level camera stabilizer. It is easy to see why the unit is such a popular choice with the community and why it has such a great reputation amongst its users. There are also a large number of third-party, independent reviews online for the Roxant Pro that you can read if you wish. They offer a great insight into the performance of the unit from people who have used it for extended periods of time and decided to share their thoughts so are well worth checking out.