5 Ways To Stop Your DJI Osmo Overheating!

[the_ad id=”20″]The DJI Osmo is a very popular little camera gimbal that has a massive core customer base of people from all over the world who use it as a key part of their videography kit to get some smooth video footage when required. That said, we commonly see a very small number of people who own the Osmo reaching out for help about their gimbal overheating during use.

Due to this, we have decided to publish this article in an attempt to help any of our readers who are having any DJI Osmo overheating issues. Now, we constantly see people reaching out and instantly thinking that the issue is due to their gimbal when in actual fact, the four most common reasons that your Osmo may be overheating is actually down to user error, not an issue with the gimbal.

Thankfully, though, they are easy to correct and with any luck, the overheating problems will stop and you will be able to go about using your gimbal without issue. The fifth and final reason we often see the Osmo overheating is out of your hands and if this is your problem then you will probably require assistance from DJI to correct the issue.

Please note that this list is intended for both the DJI Osmo Pocket as well as the DJI Osmo Mobile. That said, some of the tips to prevent your Osmo from overheating may only be relevant to one type of the Osmo rather than both of them.

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Reduce The Payload

So one of the most common reasons that we see the DJI Osmo Mobile overheating is due to people overloading the gimbal. Although it has a maximum load capacity of just over half a pound and can take the load of the vast majority, if not all the smartphones currently on the market, the issue occurs with accessories.

Although it may seem like nothing, things like smartphone camera lenses can be as much as half a pound in additional weight and the same goes for popular smartphone external microphones! These can easily push you over the maximum load capacity of the Osmo mobile and quickly lead to overheating issues.

To see if this is the fault causing your problems we would recommend that you strip your phone of all accessories, even its protective case and then test it mounted on the Osmo to see if you get the overheating issue. If the problem does not occur then you know you need to lower the payload weight of your phone, if the problem does occur then move onto the next tip.

Balancing The Gimbal Correctly

The next common issue that we see that can result in your DJI Osmo overheating is that so many people simply skip over the balancing process and try to crack on using the gimbal without prepping it. The video above shows you exactly how you are able to quickly and easily balance your Osmo without issue and it literally takes a minute or two to complete.

Try balancing your Osmo with your phone mounted on it and see if your overheating issues stop. If they do then we have found your problem, if not then continue to the next point.

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Are You Using Third-Party Batteries

Another common issue that can result in your DJI Osmo overheating is that you are using third party low-quality batteries. Although it is common to purchase a spare battery for your Osmo, there are a whole bunch of counterfeits out there that tend not to work as well as the official DJI batteries. This can result in a number of issue with excess heat generation being one of them.

If you do want to pick up a spare battery for your Osmo then ensure that it is an DJI Osmo Battery. This should remove the risk of you having any problems with overheating due to having battery issues. This potential issue is probably the hardest one to fault find as it requires an additional battery to test.

That said though, if you have purchased a spare battery for your Osmo and you know or suspect it is a third-party counterfeit then you can probably assume that is the fault. Additionally, check your battery for any signs of damage as a damaged battery can also be a reason that excess heat may be generated too.

Clean Your Gimbal

Believe it or not, the final common reason that your Osmo may overheat is due to a build-up of dirt and grime on it. This can force the gimbal motor to work harder to stabilize the load that in turn results in more power being required and more heat being generated. Thankfully though, it is an easy fix as you can usually just clean your gimbal and the problem can clear up.

The thing is, cleaning a modern gimbal can actually be a pretty tricky process and most people go about doing it wrong. We have a dedicated post on how you can best clean your gimbal but the short version is to pick up a a decent set of static-free brushes and brush the dirt off your gimbal. Although using compressed air is a common tactic, it can actually cause damage to the circuit boards on the gimbal so should be avoided.

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The Gimbal May Have A Fault

The final common reason that your Osmo may be overheating during use is that it is either damaged or has an existing fault on it. Although DJI has an excellent reputation for creating great quality products that are very robust, every now and then a product with a fault does sneak out into the market.

If you suspect that this is the case the contacting DJI support is definatley the best option and they will be able to offer you specialist advice on how to move forward. You may just have to do something as simple as patch your firmware on your Osmo to correct the fault but in rare cases, you may have to return it.

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